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Post by AdrianC » Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:11 am

Hi Lui,

So at the moment this kind of thing needs to be done through the API which could get a bit complicated depending on what you need to be done. In a previous study, we used the API (along with a pre-defined grid-like maze like the wizard-mazes) to make the subject go forward or turn left/right in pre-defined steps. This is different from a node based navigation system, but it does work currently. The difference is that every "step" moves the subject an arbitrary direction amount.
Maybe you can try this out using the MazeRemote.exe located in the API folder. Be sure to check "block invalid moves" as this prevents the subject from actually colliding with the walls and moving out of a grid-type movement.

If this does work for your project, then you can uses something like this and I can help you configure something more appropriate.

Adrian C

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